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Western Sierra Mining (WSRA)
Over One Hundred Years of Gold and Silver Mining Heritage

Western Sierra Mining (WSRA) Is Now OTC Current and Investors Can Access Real-Time Level II Quotes and Review Current Financial Data WSRM Reports total reserves in excess of 500 million in Gold and Silver from the Gold river mine group.

Western Sierra Mining (OTC WSRA) is a publicly traded precious metals and minerals mining company. Incorporated in Utah in 1907, we have a heritage of over 100 years in gold and silver mining and exploration. The company has over 1100 shareholders with an active and independent six member Board of Directors presided over by a Chairman who is the former CFO for Nabisco Foods, European Division and a President with over 30 years experience in mining and running public companies.

Western Sierra is primarily a project development company capable of taking a potential target mining property from exploration to production either for our own account or as a joint venture partner or operations contractor for others.


We are dedicated to the creation of equity through the efficient extraction of gold, silver, and other metals and minerals at the lowest possible cost using all available technologies

Western Sierra Mining was founded on production and developmental mining projects historically in the Western United States and Mexico and continues that general philosophy today.

Please explore this site to learn more about our company and its operations, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

We have recently completed several acquisitions of mineral properties located in the Bradshaw Mountains of Arizona. They are: The Sun Gold Group, The Big Chief Group, The Oro Cache Mine, The Eagle Mine and The Treasure Gulch Mine. Total reported gold reserves for this group are approximately 500,000 oz of gold and 900,000 oz of silver as follows: 100,000 oz Au proven, 400,000 oz Au probable/indicated and 550,000 oz Ag proven and 350,000 oz Ag probable/indicated. These mines as well as others are available for sale or development through the establishment of Joint Venture relationships.

Western is continuing its exploration programs and anticipates acquiring several additional properties either for its own account or as a joint venture partner during the first quarter of 2011 and beyond.

In addition to our core mining and processing operations Western Sierra also provides a variety of services to the mining industry including project management, project certifications and evaluations, mine engineering and environmental permitting. In all aspects of our forward looking business plan we intend to rely on our guiding core philosophy of concentrating on low cost, potentially high profit margined operations to focus on the creation of equity for our shareholders

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